Friendly Friday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 31, 2020

Benjamin Williamson waited for the perfect moment to capture Curtis Island Lighthouse on a day when the air was cold enough to make sea smoke.

We don't have to worry about smoking today!  That's the important part of all of this stuff on Friday, we've accepted ourselves as addicted, we've been willing to act, we've acted (quit) and we are now grateful that we have!

It sounds easy doesn't it?  For some people I guess it is, for me - not so much.  I was like a lot of you, I fretted, worried, brainstormed for a way out, paced the floor and made deals with the devil.

In the end I calmed down long enough to make that important acceptance, became willing to quit and I am forever grateful that I did.

So, today Friday, I'm going to enjoy life without smoking, my autistic daughter (she's and adult) are going out for the morning and get some stuff done.  I'll pick her up at her house and we're off - Tim Hortons first, iced coffee is important.

Then a few more stops along the way and it's done and I'll take a nap.  Have a wonder filled day everyone.