Thursday passes

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 23, 2020

An Aroostook County, Maine night sky (not always like this) has the photo.

That's very colorful and it must have been very cold that night.  We do see the "lights" sometimes in rural Maine and it's a wonderful sight, of course now I live in town and we don't have the chance to see them at all - too many lights.

One light I don't see is that lighter being held up to a death stick, I'm grateful for that!

Stopping smoking wasn't easy, I smoked for over 50 years, I really didn't think I'd be able to stop.  I was successful in beating one addiction, so why did I think I couldn't beat one more, or did I really want to stop smoking?  Once I made up my mind (became willing), and accepted that I was trapped (addicted) then I was ready to "quit".  So, for six and a half years I've been grateful that I took the chance to quit.

I had support from my friends that I have coffee with, and from my family, I had the "Q" and all of you for support, it was a win-win situation.  Thank all of you for being here for me today, Thursday, and giving me one more "pass", I'm so very grateful to all of you.  Join me, just for today, and we'll all be winners.