Friday friends

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 17, 2020

Benjamin Williamson took this photo of Curtis Island Light, Maine

Fridays can be a fun day, but some of them aren't funny at all.  I remember Friday as a day when I smoked more than I did on other days - I don't know why.  Maybe I wasn't as grateful for that day, maybe I was worried about work that needed to be done at home on the weekend, or maybe I was addicted to nicotine (this is the right answer).


I don't need to smoke on Friday any more, or any other day.  Instead I've learned to deal with my addiction, I have more than one.  I needed to be "big" enough to open my toolbox and find the one marked Acceptance.  That's the tool I needed to face addiction, next I needed Willingness - I really wanted to stop this addiction.  And last but not least I used Gratitude, thankful for every second not smoking.


When we're all here together (sort of) we can learn a lot from each other - how did one person deal with a problem, or how did another person fight addiction to nicotine.  We're all in this together, all we have is each other.



"Surrender to the moment. Ride it out and through, for all it’s worth. Throw yourself into it.

So much of our anguish is created when we are in resistance. So much relief, release, and change are possible when we accept, simply accept."

Melody Beattie