Thursday thrills

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 16, 2020

This is Bug Light (Portland Harbor Light) in South Portland Maine with the lights of Portland in the background, it's one of my favorites and at one time we lived in the neighborhood. It stands next to a memorial to the shipyard workers who built Liberty Ships during World War Two, my dad was one of them.


Some days we seem to fight our own "wars" with smoking, being creatures of habit we miss certain aspects of smoking for some time.  As an example we eat more snacks when we quit, we miss the old hand to mouth movement and replace the cigarette with food, or we miss the "breaks" we took outdoors on rainy days.  We gradually overcome the "pull" of addiction and replace the "act of smoking" with other things.  I replaced my "act" with simple gratitude - I am forever grateful that those days in the rain and freezing cold are over.  Join me in gratitude I don't mind being in a crowd.