No date set, yet

Blog Post created by Laiashamus on Oct 3, 2019

I am reading through these posts with tears streaming down my face. 35+ dedicated, veteran smoker. I know I want to, I need to quit. I haven't yet set a date because, well I honestly don't know if I fear failure or success. Is that normal? Does it even make any sense? 


I started getting a true smoker's cough about six months ago. I had started thinking about quitting then. Six months ago. Everytime I get to the end of a pack, I get this anxiety that is all-consuming and too overwhelming. So, I buy another pack (or two) and that makes no sense to me but it doesn't stop me from stopping at the closest gas station even though I don't need gas. 


It's almost like giving up a life long friend that has never failed to be there for me.


I will read through some more posts and pick a date soon. 


Glad I found this site.