A Life Template

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on May 5, 2020



Warning:  This is not like a “usual” blog of mine.


I’m actually using the Covid-19 as a template in my thinking for how the world and the human beings in it may react to the fallout from a nuclear attack, or other catastrophic world event.  The scenario being played out is frightening but enlightening unfortunately & all too realistic.


The word interesting is not appropo in this case.  Far from it.  None of us are looking down at what is happening; we are all in it to some degree or another which changes everything for us from observer to active participant in the Board Game of Covid-19.


A little rant.  I have four underlying medical conditions that affect my breathing at times already.  To get Covid-19 would more than likely be a death sentence for me.  I cannot “get” those who blatantly don’t care about the health of others and show their selfishness & disdain by refusing to wear a mask in public when it is not possible to social distance.  To do so is about others, not yourself.


The phrase “Survial of the Fittest” keeps scrolling through my mind as the reality for those that have & choose to use their connections & money to make sure they & theirs are okay.  It’s natural.  No problem but MY world includes others I don’t even know that I very much care about too.  I just do.  


My life is important but not more so than the life of anyone else.  Personally, I don’t want to be chosen to live over another human being regardless of their health or age or mental capacity.  I’m living in reality so I know there are always hard choices to be made by others in charge but I choose to keep my values, integrity, and myself in the process.  I am fortunate to be out of the official decision making loop.  Again, my life is not worth more than anyone elses.  It isn’t & I won’t allow it to become so as long as I am in control of my own choices.  I don’t have to be realistic in this instance.  


What does this have to do with smoking?  Not much except to say that smoking has never even crossed my mind.  I’m way past that for dealing with anything in my life.  It’s been easy.  Getting through this world crisis smoke free will strengthen your quit & take it to another level for you if you are early in your quit or struggling with it.  Stay on the smoke free path!  You can do it!


This post is just about saying how I’m feeling and more importantly to wish you all well and the strength, mental & physical health, and means to get through this “event” in our history.  It will pass … eventually … just like the trials & tribulations of going from being a smoker to being a non-smoker (or ex-smoker, or whatever you choose to call it for yourself) AND it can change us forever … just like stopping smoking has done for most of us.  How Covid-19 changes us personally is up to us.  I hope we all learn valuable lessons from it.  Observe, think about it & make good choices.  It matters.  


Take care everyone!


(PS:  Of course there have been some awesome, wonderful, inspiring responses happening too from many people.  This is not to discount any of those things.  I may write a positive blog re them to offset this one or maybe not lol.  This blog just “is what it is” … well wishes & a little bit of a rant lol.)