The End of A Quit

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Oct 2, 2019


My quit is over for me.  I no longer have to decide to stay smoke free, or reconsider it each & every day (or month or year).  The choice to not smoke was made by me a long time ago, it’s been kept by me for a while now, and being smoke free is my normal way of living.  


Yes, I took smoking again off the table for me as an option from Day One/Won.  Yes, I acknowledge that I will always be physically addicted to nicotine.  Yes, I know I can’t have “even” just one or I will put myself at risk of a return to full-fledged smoking hell again.


So what?!  I chose to quit smoking.  So I did it.  I’m quit.  The only requirement in order to Stay Quit is that I don’t smoke.  As long as I don’t smoke my addiction to nicotine lies dormant.  I don’t crave one and if I get a smoking “memory” it passes easily enough for me now & life goes on smoke free.  


Smoking is never a solution to anything.  It never has been & never will be for anyone. Smoking just adds a new problem to everything.  There will come a time in your smoke free life when you’ll need to just stop quitting & let everything having to do with the old smoking you go.     


I’ve arrived.  I am at peace and so very grateful for my smoke free life.  When you get there yourself you will be able to take the trainers off & just get on with the living of the rest of your life smoke free.  This is when the “End Journey” becomes the “New Journey” you get to actually design & live smoke free for yourself.  


It’s doable for everyone regardless of their circumstances or obstacles.  It truly is and it’s worth every bit of angst it takes to “arrive”.  Believe in yourself so you can achieve it too. Best Wishes.