Stop the Cravings

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on May 27, 2019


Two ingredients to a quit that are 100% guaranteed to eventually stop the cravings (or at least no longer have them rule over our life) and a potential third one is offered for your consideration.




Don’t smoke & eventually you will not crave to smoke or have incessant thoughts to do so.   Keep smoking and you’ll continue to have cravings every 30 mins or so.  Simple (I didn’t say easy).


#2 TIME.


Every single one of us starts at Day One and goes through whatever it takes to keep moving forward smoke free.  It’s not harder for you than it was for most of us.  You are NOT unique in that way.  Neither were we special “snowflakes”.  Choose it for yourself & then give yourself the time to find the peace & gratefulness in it.  That time varies for each of us.  




I’m adding a third to this “simple” formula because I’m seeing more & more people abusing their chosen NRT aid & wondering why they are craving.  Overuse of self-administered nicotine products will cause more cravings (ie mist spray, gum, lozenges). Think.  It’s no different from when we smoked.  We would have one which then would cause us to want another one 20 or 30 mins later.  


Self-administering individual doses of nicotine in another form (NRT) whenever we want one does the same.  It may tamp down your “need” but only because you “fed” your addiction.  You then want another “hit” later.  Understandable.  


Be sure to use NRT self-administered doses of nicotine appropriately as directed and then follow a planned reduction schedule to eventually get yourself off them.  Total freedom from nicotine should be your goal.  Don’t sell yourself short of this goal.


DON”T SMOKE (#1), give yourself the gift of smoke free TIME (#2), and if used, STOP THE NRT (#3) eventually to reach THE Ultimate Freedom from active nicotine addiction.  It’s a

truly wonderful place to be!