Never Too Late & Cliches

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on May 15, 2019


It’s never too late to quit smoking or to choose to stay quit no matter your age, how long you smoked, or your current medical conditions without receiving some benefit(s) from it.  Health declines for most people with age some of which we cannot control but we all know there is a huge difference because of a person’s smoking status (or you’ve been living under a rock!) and this IS something we have total control over.  


How many of us told ourselves or heard the “old” saying when we smoked, “Well, we all have to die of something.  At least I’ll do it my way & die happy.” Raising my hand.  The difference is it’s no longer true for me ... or funny either.  It’s just a stupid cliche.  Of course it matters.  


You absolutely can influence (even halt) the progression of some medical condition(s) if you don’t smoke (think COPD).  You may not even acquire some conditions (heavy smoking is one of the causes of DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis) and you may even be able to eliminate some (like high blood pressure).  Keep smoking and its the same ‘ole same progression downward with time.  “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”  Another well known cliche but so very true.  


As different as your life may be as a smoker from a non-smoker now there may be a HUGE difference at the end of your life if you remain a smoker.  You may become dependent upon the environments you find yourself in (hospital, assisted care, even your home) and the people who support you.  Will they be willing to get & give you your drug of choice (cigs/nicotine).  You may be dependent upon when, where & how much time you are even given to smoke.  


Do you think it will be pleasant to be actively addicted if you have no control over what it takes to be able to smoke?  Do you think it will be easy going through nicotine withdrawal every 30 mins or so of your every waking moments if you can’t smoke while dealing with the other changes you are going through physically, emotionally, and mentally?  


Wouldn’t it be much easier transitioning through your life changes if you had the old “ball and chain” of addiction off your back?  Think about it.  We will all be quit in the end.  Wouldn’t you rather pick the how & when and circumstances of your own quit rather than live the "it is what it is" in this situation?  


Choose to quit NOW to get that “monkey off your back”.  Choose to stay quit to continue to accrue more benefits from not smoking.  Give yourself a chance to make a better ending for yourself.  It's never too late!