Should I Tell

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on May 12, 2019


Should I tell someone if their way of thinking … of quitting … is detrimental to their quit?  Or should I just let them learn (hopefully) & watch them try to do it their own way, sometimes over & over again?


I believe each persons’ quit is … well, theirs.  I also believe in sharing my journey in the hopes that it may help someone in theirs just a “smidgen”.  I don’t believe in telling someone what they should or must do but I will offer my thoughts, resources, experience & insight in the hope that it may help them.


Quitting smoking for most is life changing.  How could it not be since it was a huge part of our life for many years?  All that time & money spent smoking too.  A waste surely but it also got me to where I am today as … ME.  I honestly would not have analyzed myself to the same degree that I have done after I quit smoking so in that respect it was beneficial for me.


Sure, I have regrets that I smoked & have consequences from choosing to do so but I’ve forgiven myself and left my regrets behind me.  I don’t wallow in the past.  A well known motto I’ve embraced for myself is, “It is what it is.”  


We are all accountable for our past choices but it is not necessary to live in regret or stay in guilt for what we did to ourselves & others as an active nicotine addict.  I encourage you to leave all that behind you & keep it where it belongs … in your past.    


No matter where we are in life we can make a difference to someone.  I recently heard this from a very wise terminally ill person who chooses to live each day in pure JOY (paraphrasing),  “One day we will all die, but in all those other days we will not, so make each & every one of those other days count.”  “Do not simply exist.  Choose to INHALE & thrive AND share.”  (***)  


You can make a difference for someone willing to listen & learn so, YES, you should tell them your thoughts if you feel it may help them.  Use your example, experience, trials & tribulations you have had & still do now, and let others know about them, so they can perhaps make better choices & endings for themselves.  


Choose to Tell.


(*** This paragraph is dedicated to the “Other Days” of those on this site who wrote they felt forgotten on Mother’s Day.  You DO matter & will always make a difference to someone.  Personally, I try to always count my blessings before my trials & tribulations because it helps me keep gratitude front & center in my life.  Hugs.)