Blog Post created by Lady86 on Apr 24, 2018

Hello all. I'm having some bad thoughts about smoking. It's so incredibly hard living and being around smokers all the time !!! I live with three people, all smokers. We had an agreement when I was a smoker that we only smoke in the garage during winter. It's been nice for the last month and they haven't made any effort to go outside. This was a luxury not a privilege and to only be used as little as possible. I chill in the garage and hang out with my dog and the gym equipment is in there. They say they're proud of me and I'm doing so good yet I feel so disrespected when they don't even try to go out. Last year when I mentioned this to them they were upset and rude to me. And here we are again this year. I know it's a weak way to think but a part of me is saying if you can't beat them join them. I feel so alone

sometimes. Non smokers don't really care about the constant struggle and vigilance I must retain and I don't really know what smoker's think around me   . I know I won't smoke but it's easy to get rattled even after a year quit. Anyway thanks for reading this. Stay strong.