One year

Blog Post created by Lady86 on Mar 22, 2018

Wow. What a journey it has been. I've been smoking for as long as I can remember and when I quit it felt like a part of my identity had gone as well. I focused on finding the real me, not the me clouded in a haze of smoke. I have discovered I get depressed a bit easier these days (between doing drugs in my younger days and smoking copious amounts of cigarettes I probably messed up my dopamine receptors) I have found happiness and strength in other things. Dealing with stress wheather its work, finances, relationship etc I really had to re-learn how to handle it, as compared to having a smoke to "unwind". My boyfriend, my best friend and my two roommates all smoke, around me nonetheless. That definitely didn't make anything easier that's for sure. I stayed strong. I can see the look on their faces near the end of a meal and I'm so thankful I can just sit there and enjoy my meal. It hasn't been easy but I promise it's worth it!!