Old memories, new memories

Blog Post created by Lady86 on May 12, 2017

Good morning EXers. With summer almost upon us I realize this will be my first smoke free summer in well as long as I can remember (yes unfortunately I've smoked that long)  at 51 DOF I'm so happy and excited and doing pretty well on this new and awesome journey. But it is different and a pretty big adjustment I'll just have to make new memories to associate with not smoking  I do still struggle with big social luncheons or potlucks for smoking after ( I don't smoke but it's still associated with after eating and socializing)  at home it's good after I eat, I sit and relax and let the food settle unlike my boyfriend or roommates they are up right away to go smoke. I enjoy that feeling of peace. It seems to be mostly work functions I still have a hard time with. Some advice for anyone wheather your new quit or long time quit. Make sure you have a hobby or hobbies before u quit. I quit and was like oh dang I don't have a hobby, I do now but be sure to add that to your quit kit haha. Thanks to everyone on here for being understanding. Happy Friday. Cheers to the weekend. Onward to freedom