Thoughts and feelings

Blog Post created by Lady86 on May 4, 2017

Good morning all. The weather is finally getting nice here in Alberta Canada. I'm going on 43 DOF and it's pretty cool. I'm tired from the battle within, it is getting easier (I think) it comes it goes, there's good days and bad days. The support is getting a bit less as non smokers believe I should be "over" it by now and my smoking friends could care less if I fail or succeed. I don't think people realize this is a horrible addiction and I've been at it for over half my life that's not an easy thing to get over, I've had to reboot my whole system.  Learn how to do activities and events and whichever else without the cigarette. I'm always adding to my quit kit, I don't want to become complacent or over confident. I'm planning ahead for possible scenarios that could lead to triggers. Everyday I educate and arm myself with knowledge about this awful awful addiction. Sometimes I think it be easier just to start back up but then I remember how far I've come and how bloody hard it was at the start. I've beaten drug addiction in the past but this, this is a struggle, I didn't do drugs for years and years and years I found it easier to quit that then this nicademon that enveloped my life. I will prevail, I feel it deep down inside my soul that I cannot, will not go back to smoking. I thank everyone one of for your support and understanding. 

Best wishes