Happy Monday

Blog Post created by Lady86 on May 1, 2017

Happy Monday all. I wasn't on here this weekend. It was my best friends 30th and yesterday I had my sister in law and niece over, worked on the Star Wars puzzle. It was a wonderful weekend. Although at my girlfriends party there was a few drinks nothing crazy we aren't 20 anymore haha. With drinks came heavy smoking, thankfully there is one other non smoker in my group so we stayed close. I try not to be judgey but I feel bad for them. I've been watching my friends smoking routines none of them seem more relaxed or focused or happier or fulfilled or anything. Their fingers are very stained and I just want to rescue them all from this horrible nicotine trap/addiction and see them have real freedom but I won't push it, I love them and respect them and I won't look down on them ever. No one is better than someone else