I'm back on

Blog Post created by Lady86 on Apr 25, 2017

Hello ex community. Sorry for my absence, I was dealing with some personal issues on top of quitting smoking. I also felt helpless to help new people on here or to give advice as I was still so new at it. I'm at 34 days smoke free. Well I'm not too sure to be honest. A couple weeks ago a lot of triggers happened all at once (I was overwhelmed) and I did have a drag off a cigarette. I took that drag and you know what.. it did nothing, my problems were still there I was still sad. It didn't magically make it all go away so I stamped it out(said what the eff am I doing), washed my hands brushed my teeth and dealt with my issues head on and my resolve couldn't be stronger. I'm so happy and confident and really know I'm a non smoker. I'll be on here more if anyone wants to talk or give advice or just to share stories.