!!!!! HELP !!!!!

Blog Post created by Kyleebabyyxx on Sep 7, 2017

My mom's in the hospital. She has an infection on her foot, and she might lose the whole thing. She's already lost a toe to this. I'm so overwhelmed trying to figure out how I'm going to get all the way to Kansas... I am not going to smoke. I will not. But it's so HARD. I will have to leave my boyfriend behind so while she's in the hospital I'll be at her house alone. She doesn't clean or anything and the dogs poop everywhere. I always get sick. I don't feel like staying there but I can't just go stay with friends every night for an indefinite amount of time while she's there. I'm also pretty sure I'm pregnant, and if my mom or dad found out, they'd be so upset, but my boyfriend is insisting that I tell them. I don't want to stress my mom out right now! I'm also scared because I don't know for sure, and if my mom takes me to the doctor (she most likely would make me) and it ended up being negative, she'd try to keep me in Kansas. I can't do that. I'm so stressed out.