I made it!

Blog Post created by Kyleebabyyxx on Sep 6, 2017

I successfully went 24 hours with no smoking! I'm headed to bed now, and I'm excited to wake up and tackle the second day of being smoke free    

Honestly I never thought I'd do this on purpose. The only time I've gone without smoking since I started was because I didn't have access to it. I'm proud of myself!

I have decided that I am going to attempt to make a blog post explaining the events of my day that helped me prevent myself from smoking, the events that have caused cravings- both major and minor- and how I avoided it-or if I failed. 

Today, I worked from 10AM to 2PM, my first morning shift! We don't get smoke breaks, so that made it easy to not smoke. Before work, on the other hand... I had a rough time. I woke up and was immediately grouchy because I knew what today was. I knew I couldn't smoke my morning smoke. So instead of hanging around in my pyjamas all morning, I immediately got dressed, put on my nicotine patch, and used the restroom. After work, I really wanted to use a few dollars of my tips to buy some smokes off a friend, like I normally do when I'm out, but instead I chewed a nicotine gum and walked around town instead of hanging out at work. I got really stressed because I couldn't find a ride, amd wanted a cigarette so bad. Instead, I went to the bakery and bought edible cookie dough bites! Then I went next door to the arts and crafts type scrapbook shop and started on a project for my boyfriend's birthday on the 11th. I'll attach photos of that  After that, I went to my boyfriend's little brother's football game (I sometimes refer to his siblings as my brothers-and-sister in law. He has 6 brothers and a sister ) and on the way there, his dad was smoking and offered me one. Instead, I ate a cookie dough bite and said no, I'm done with those. The rest of tonight has been really chill and now I'm ready for bed  

Thank you all for the support, I'll check in tomorrow

(Photos explained- it's a 'notebook' with the 'pages' being wooden letters- LOVE. The first photo I uploaded is the backs- the notebook lookin stuff and the back of the 'L'. The rest are the fronts of the letters- the part you'd see when the book is closed. The last two are two hearts I plan on putting on when I'm done ) (The project explained- basically the 'E' is on bottom, the 'V' is on top of that, the 'E' is on top of that, and the 'L' is the very top. It's made out of wood but I laid down a layer of Mod Podge and put paper on top then another layer of Mod Podge. Before I did that, I had to trace the shape of the wood onto the paper and trace the holes onto the paper where they belong and then punch the holes out. It was a lot of work but the best part? It only costs about $6! I also plan on learning to cross stitch and crochet )


//sorry I got carried away about the projects :/ I love this stuff and this is the first time I've been able to afford it!