Day 6

Blog Post created by KristyLynne on Jan 10, 2019

I've just completed day 6! I'm so happy I prepared this time. I was ready with nicotine patches. I spent hours detailing my car and cleaning the carpets, I set a motivating song as my alarm tone ( Whatever it Takes- Imagine Dragons), I had plans for handling the urges (drink a bottle of water as fast as possible,  chew gum, dance in the car so I have something to do with my hands, sleep, eat, sing, scream, literally WHATEVER IT TAKES! 

I can't believe I used possible weight gain as an excuse not to quit smoking before.  This time I set a quit date 6 weeks out and starting eating healthier and exercising.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm no health nut. I just wanted to broaden my options for what I could reach for when I had a craving. It also gives me a nice distraction from smoking when I have to think before I eat. 

So far, I've had 2 seriously strong cravings. Day 4 I had to run to the grocery store at the last minute. I grabbed my oversized cardigan and headed out the door. I first thought it was the grocery store that had my mouth watering for a smoke. After all, I had bought them there before. By the time I checked out I realized it was the cardigan. I always slipped it on before heading outside to smoke,  I always felt for my smokes in the pocket when exiting my house or car. I immediately took it off and I felt this relief. Not only because it triggered me but also because I had figured it out! I had remained calm enough during a craving to overcome it.

So the next morning,  my daughter went back to school. That left me home alone in my house since my quit date. I struggled to think of ANYTHING but a cigarette for 2 hours. I tried watching TV, playing a game on my phone, working out, eating, ect. I even tried to make the craving worse by going out on the balcony (maybe it will get worse then stop instead of this constant nagging ache?) Finally, I decided to flee the scene! I met a friend for coffee and ran some errands. She came back to my house with me to help with a project and then it was time to pick up my daughter from school. 

Every craving I beat makes my motivation stronger. Knowing that keeps me willing to challenge new cravings. I really think it comes down to attitude, preparation, and willingness to just TRY. I don't expect it to be easy but I'm also very pleasantly surprised when a couple of hours have passed and I realize that I didn't want a cigarette. That I won that round of life. I hope you win your next round as well.