37 days

Blog Post created by Kristih78 on Mar 9, 2018

Im now 37 days free of ciggerettes ,it feels great, i never thought i would get here. I have had a wild ride up until this point . Emotional up and downs, weight gain ,now weight loss,joined a gym, joined the idealshape weight loss program and working towards a much healthier lifestyle. Amazingly I have not had a craving for 5 days now. I really never imagined I would actually be smoke free, but here I am!!!!!! It certainly has not been all peaches and cream, but the last time I tried to quit I did it cold turkey and I was forced also about to lose my mind so this time I used patches and that it was helped me quit. I know not to get ahead of myself ,but I'm feeling very confident and I do know that thinking having one ciggerette won' hurt,  I know it most definitely will hurt. I have tried to quit smoking alot of times and this time is so different ,I never made it this long,never felt this good and the best thing about this is this was my decision and mine only. Letting yourself go through the emotions really helped me, to feel them and get past them gave me a feeling of never wanting to have to do this again. I have written in my journal every day since the day before my quit, I have went back over those hard days and very happy that I'm done with all that.Smells- I can smell everything , some things are not so pleasant  , I smell good I smell bad and I smell the unwanted . But hey at least my smeller works. Whoohooo 37 days smoke free!!!!!!