Day 1

Blog Post created by KliaraPie on Jun 27, 2018

I know my quit date is not till Jul1, but Im not buying another pack.  Ever. . It was tough, but thinking about why I want to do this and why I ever started helped.  I think I mustve chewed almost a whole pack of gum.  I feel lethargic, and having coffee is a big no since it's a trigger for me.  If anyone have any idea to get some energy aside from coffee, that would be nice.  I am currently doing the 10minute rule.  Once Im craving, I wait 10mins and during that time, the urge vanishes.  I can do this.  I will make it.  I will soon-to-be smoke-free!!!!  I can't wait to run again.  I can't wait to swim again without gasping for air.  Sooooon . Till then, I'll power through this. This too shall pass.