Blog Post created by Kkay on Mar 19, 2017

This last 73 days smokefree has been a big change and a growing process for me, and it will continue. All of my attempts have led me to this point. I reflect on my busy ( sometimes stressful) day and think "Wow, I did that without a smoke!!". Its amazing how much credit we give to cigs, and how much power. Im so relaxed by not having to worry about going outside or to get one more cig. before work, a class, eating.. You name it "they" dictated my schedule. This is what it is like to feel NORMAL! Life is very manageable without smoking. In fact it is more manageable. 

I did have a few cravings last week come out of nowhere. No reason. It was the "Hey, remember me?", type craving. As if that is part of my identity. I just thought, thats not me anymore and I dont do that. Smoking was sort of an identity for me for a long time. I fit in with the other tortured souls that go stand in the rain and snow. We had a circle of understanding, much like in high school. The rebels, if you may. Those nonsmokers were uppity and didn't get us. I dont feel that way at all anymore. It was a belief I had created in high school, along with my smoking habit. So very thankful I finally saw the light and will continue on this path! Thanks for the support guys! P.S.Im hardly on here because of work but do still check in and pledge to keep my quit!