Jobs where people smoke at work

Blog Post created by Kkay on Feb 25, 2017

Hi All. 51 d.o.f. For this girl! Just needing advice in preparing myself to return to a "smoking, chewing is the culture" job. I was layed off from a major railroad and got recalled, Im a new conductor. I was hired over 2 yrs ago and have barely worked ( not enough business). Im a nurse as well. Long story short, I am preparing for this transition. Change, stress, BIG heavy/ deadly trains to switch around in yards yada, yada. Oh and almost everyone (mostly men in the field) is on some form a nic. Be it cig, chew, cigar. So far I have been sheltered with a low key, never around smoke existance. I see myself succeeding BUT I thought I would nip this in the bud before Monday. Not that I wanna smoke but there may be many, many triggers. I must say making it this long sure has built up my confidence in general. I love it! Sorry if I do not respond for awhile. Its 10pm MT and I have the nursing gig tomorrow. Thanks in Advance. Best Regards : )