Day 43 and a relentless head cold

Blog Post created by Kkay on Feb 17, 2017

Good afternoon everyone. Just a few questions. When initially quitting I never have the hacks and coughs and I didn't this time. Now about 40 days in my lungs were burning and felt heavy. That eased up but now I have so much head congestion, weezing and coughing. Im still able to function. Just wondering if this is quitting related or a coincidence? Has this happened to you? I pretty much felt energized and good ( maybe a bit tired) until now. 

Next thing. I feel Im past the "Oh you quit smoking! Yay". Folks are moving on, and I know thats natural. I havent moved on. This is BIG for me after almost 3 decades of stop and start. My brother said "Its great that you quit, but no one ever threw me a party for doing the right thing all these years". Ugh, I dont want a party. Its important to me and some people just dont "get it". I know this is no mans land. Its like when someone dies and the rest of the world reacts but moves on fast, while the affected person is left to figure things out on their own. I do not grieve cigarettes, not one bit. The work that needs done is comparable to the work of grieving a loss of ones self and of finding her/him again without cigs. Relearning the coping strategies to deal with life.