Blog Post created by Kingofroo on Jun 2, 2018

Day 5. 


Forgot to mention my Live-in quit smoking with me, was also part of the Marlboro Red experiment, had the same results as myself, it was the biggest anti-smoking aid she has ever experienced. She said it was like licking the bottom of an ashtray. 

Back to Day 5; woke up 6am to let the dogs out, haven't yet put the coffee on but it doesn't matter that much because coffee isn't really as good without My-brand. Not only that but our tongues are raw from quitting so food and drink sort of hurt and have lost their taste. 

Live-in: my age, in the last 3 years lost her husband (alcoholic), parents (natural causes), her only sister (drug abuse) and only child (Diabetes, Kidney Failure). She stopped smoking 16 years ago and like me started back 3 years ago. 

After Marlboro Red experiment it's more a mental challenge than a physical, we were both Pack-a-day smokers and used the patch two days in total, I guess we are freaks. 

For me this is a mental challenge, I like smoking; not the stinky clothes and hair, the bad breath, the cough, sore throat or body odor. I just really liked my 3 morning cigarettes a day, I just could never control keeping it at 3. 

So today, day 5, is becoming a challenge  because I want a smoke, not because I need one. Then again, my tongue is so raw I wouldn't enjoy it anyway.