Blog Post created by Kingofroo on Jun 1, 2018

Not great at this blogging thing, will leave the comments open this time, but mainly I write to get things off my chest (even though it's all in my head   ). 

Not sure what day this is but I stopped using the patches after the first time and don't really have much of a craving. My Spock-like mind tells me it isn't a nicotine addiction but rather an addiction to ceremony (Coffee = Cigarette, End of meal = Cigarette) etc'. 

I tried out this theory by buying a pack of cigarettes that I really dislike and decided upon a 3 Cigarette day. Day one of this experiment was yesterday and it made me feel disgusted (Marlboro Reds), preferred nothing to not-my-brand (Newport Menthol or Dunhill Menthol). 

Now, I'm not so brave as to try this out with my brands, it was just trying to figure if it was more the nicotine or more the ceremony. 

I'm not really irritated, I don't really have craving, I'm not eating more, I'm not happier or sadder, I'm sort of in limbo, nicotine--abstaining-pergatory if you will, and the pack of Marlboro Reds you ask? Still minus 3 and not at all inviting, I don't even want mu own brand and anymore.