The Roo

Blog Post created by Kingofroo on May 28, 2018

Day 1:


Decided yesterday that today was my quit-day, I knew I had 3 cigarettes left and I was going to quit right after my morning coffee and my regular 3 cigarettes. It is now, almost 5 pm, right after my 3 smokes this morning I put on a 21 mg patch that I ordered half a year ago through the quit program and haven't had a craving yet but apparently I am having side effects to too much nicotine so I took off the patch a few moments ago and hope my head clears up soon. I'm sure this is nicotine overload and not withdrawal but decided to join an online community to chart my path and get help. I'm 56, quit smoking16 years ago and hadn't touched a smoke in 13 years until 3 years ago due to feeling depressed and not really caring how long I lived anymore. I'm still in a state of depression but less so and smoking has affected my health so please wish me luck.