Stinking Thinking

Blog Post created by Kimshine on Mar 13, 2018

This morning, my addiction to nicotine had me entertaining sick thoughts. My addiction tried to make me believe that since I didn't plan a quit date and made an impromptu decision to quit that I have somehow cheated myself out of truly getting to enjoy my last few packs of cigarettes. I do know that this is STINKING THINKING and I haven't been cheated out of a darn thing.Just goes to show how ugly and tricky addiction is. 


 Today is the first day I left my house since I came home last Friday evening. I was scared to drive (a trigger). I just had to get out today to take care of some errands that I had been putting off. I found 2 packs of unopened cigarettes in the glove compartment and tossed them into the garbage can on my way inside the store. I did contemplate smoking one since I had gotten cheated out of some enjoyment. I KNEW BETTER.


I was a success! As a smoker, I would reward myself with a smoke each time I got back into the car to head to my next destination. Today, I sang really loud in the car and drank a lot of cold water.