Today I Made A Choice.

Blog Post created by Kimshine on Mar 10, 2018

I bought 2 cartons of cigarettes on January 14th and my goal was that they would be the last of them.  Here I am on March 10th with a full pack still left and about 3 smoked from another pack. I looked at my cigarettes this morning but I Chose not to smoke them. I know what to do, I've traveled this path before. I don't need to gear up for anything, as I have been telling myself since January. All I needed to do was decide and now the decision has been made. I know what to do and my quit kit toolbox has been prepared for weeks.  I know what my goal is and I choose today to begin. Five minutes ago, I said goodbye to those cigarettes, I could have made them last another week. Under the faucet and into the garbage can the cigarettes went. There is no day more beautiful and perfect to begin my journey of loving myself and improving my health!


How do I reset my quit date? I have old information and I want to celebrate this day!