Day 71

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Oct 10, 2019

As of midnight I'm working on 71 DOF.  Freedom is right!  I'm so happy to be free of the bondage of cigarettes. As the days go by, I'm more amazed how I was killing myself for so long.  What a nasty, disgusting habit I had.  

To quit, I had the help of Chantix, the support here, my friends and family and a quit coach with Ashline here in Arizona. 11 days ago I stopped Chantix.  On day 90, I will stop working with a coach.

Up to this point, I prefered all the help.  After a 45 year habit,  I needed the help to reinforce changes that needed to be made to transition from a smoker to non-smoker.  My habits needed to change, not just putting down the cigarettes. 

With support. I have changed my habits. I can breath easier. I treat myself better. I smell better. I'm looking better..(not so pale grey in the face anymore, like I'm choking on nicotin.) Theres so many positives about quitting.  So many negatives about not quitting.  I'm glad I made the choice to live. Better late than never I say. 

I hope others give themselves a chance to live and if you need medical or moral support, get it.