Day 45 Check In

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Sep 14, 2019

I'm working on day 45 today.  It's been so nice being a non smoker.  I've definitely had some challenges but haven't smoked, no matter what.  I've found in the recent week, a couole urges popped up during extreme bouts of stress. I started school last week. I'm taking an accelerated, 2 week state certificate program for Peer Support Emoloyment Training. The course has been intense diving into some areas of my life that are sensitive. Homework and reading each night is about 2-3 hours. During breaks I've had the urge to smoke.  I talk it out, take a walk, get a drink of water and it passes. Also, I see the group of others smoking and the smell of smoke changes my mind.  I'm so grateful.  I'm facing other challenges in the weight and employment area but I push through.  I have a quit coach who'll be calling me today.  I talk with her every Saturday.  A couple weeks ago she suggested I buy a pretty bowl with fruit. She suggested I strategically pit it in area I can see before I go to fridge. It's  working.  I also, eat dark chocolate. My daily pledge keeps and all of you keep me going too.  I wish everyone success in quitting. 

Quitting is one of the best decisions I've ever made!