Day 17

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Aug 17, 2019

I'm on day 17 smoke free and very grateful.  I've had a few fleeting urges but nothing like I thought.  I had a dream last night that I asked neighbor for a cigarette because I was really mad that neighbors had woke me up.  There were a group of people outside my door at 3am in the morning. I asked then to please move away from my door and they wouldn't. I was really mad, screaming and eventually they left.  I was determined to smoke and really wanted to in my dream. My neighbor was smoking but said he didn't have anymore, I was frustrated and then don't remember any more of nightmare.  

The neighbors in my apartment complex  waking me up in occasion is a real thing.. but me smoking.. is not.  Thank you God! Thank you Exer's for your continued support.