Day 13 Urge

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Aug 13, 2019

I had a sleepless night but no urges through the night. I read, write or play s game when I have these kind of nights.  At 5am I decided to go to Starbucks and get some coffee, went by the bank ATM then back home. After parking my car, I went to my purse to look for my cigarettes to have one with my coffee before I go inside. (For the past  year and a half I didn't smoke in my car or my apt when I was a smoker) Right after looking in my purse, I snapped out of it. It was strange.  Since using Chantix to help me in my quit, I really haven't had the urge until now.  it I'm Grateful  that passed quickly.  I will definitely be on higher alert for the nasty demon trying to rear it's ugly head. I'm happy to be working on Day #13 I'm breathing better, my skin is feeling and looking better, my nails are looking better. I'm just feeling better all around each  day. N.O.P.E.  Even One Puff!