My Journey

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Aug 4, 2019

I'm working 4 DOF today.  I was a smoker for 45 years with 1 year free and many attempts during these years. I started at 11 years old.  I got sick first time but still smoked. It was cool to my friends so it was cool to me.  Little did I know smoking would be my journey for decades.

1974 to present.  I started Chantix on 7-25-19.  My quit day 8-1-19. A lot has happened but most of all a miracle has happened. I'm not obsessed with cigarettes right now or the insane urge to smoke.  I'm not killing myself.  I'm not throwing my money away.  My mouth and tongue feel different.  I don't smell like cigarettes. I'm not texting neighbor, "want to smoke?". My thought process is changing.  My emotions are beginning to come to surface. Food is starting to taste better.  I am wanting better things for my life.. 

My 2nd quit day, I came across an old cigarette in one of my bags and tucked it away for safe keeping. "Just in case".  This is pure insanity.   I've done may things to sabotage my attempts in the past.  I threw that cigarette out today. 

I'm looking forward to continuing a smoke free life.  I'm worth it!