not so overwhelmed

Blog Post created by Kimberlymillsaps on Apr 1, 2018

Dont get me wrong head is still swimming , but i have spent this morning getting more familiar  with the group /site .

reading , reading , reading ! i have learned alot , a lot of not to do's that i have been doing ...Lessons learned .

As far as being ready for surgery , no .. but its like finding your freedom, there is no good time for surgery.

I have a loving husband that works for the railroad , we live by hours around here . He will be home for surgery. We have an 18 year old son that will also be here to help mom. My sister from wy. if weather allows will be here (right now it is snowing here) our son and my sister do not smoke , my husband does .  He does everything in his power to love and support me ..when he is home that when we spend time together its a bit hard just knowing he still smokes, he does do everything in his power to not stink . 

karenjones yes , i have need to change the thoughts and words. Yes , iam looking forward to my freedom all the way around , to new beginnings of life . Wed. will mark the all over new me .

  I also just want everyone to know how thankful I am for all your words of advice and encouragement THANK YOU