Why did I even start!

Blog Post created by Kimberlymillsaps on Mar 31, 2018

karenjones, Good morning . well to answer some of your questions . April 4th is surgery. I am not sure how long 

Ill be in the hospital for yet. Maybe one day up to 3 . As of last Wed. I can not take any otc/rx drugs to help sleep until after surgery. At this point i will welcome being put under for surgery. My walk with Diverticulitis started in nov 2014 what a life changing event . I was one of the unlucky peoples that simple get infections , we tried everything before surgery in Sept 2015... I quit for 10 days ...Healed up had a good year before the large intestine wanted to freak out AGAIN. had three brutal infections in 2017 all around major stress events . My last was feb 12 2018...they will be taking 2 ft , possible the whole large intestine .  

 My quit date was 14th than it moved , well it didn't move i moved it . 10am the 25th of March . I done ok until tue. the 27th , i broke down and smoked .... it still make me cry ... there is times i feel so powerless over it ...i cry and think what the hell was i thinking starting smoking 30 + years ago for ...My mom always told me to never start its a ***** to quit , guess what i didn't listen..( and a FYI if your a grammer **** you will hate for while until i get my crap together ) I know that some of the crying is stress and lack of sleep related , and no nicotine....OH and shark week(my Period)...lets compound a few things this  time . Hormones are all over the board ..... I know there is no right time to quit smoking , no easy time ... None of this is what i had planned at all for the last 4 years ! As of right now i just want some sanity thats all ! I want my life back !!!!!!!