19 Days Quit!

Blog Post created by Kim_K. on Aug 19, 2020

I can not thank you EX's enough on here for your support for what I am hoping will be my FINAL quit! I haven't posted much lately, but I am on here reading and finding what I need to make it another day. The past few days I have started wheezing like crazy and it keeps me up at night, but my lung capacity feels like it improved a lot. It's harder to exhale and that's when the wheezing occurs.

I found some things to try and I will along with my nebulizer and inhaler. An article I was reading said to drink a hot beverage, use a humidifier and do breathing exercises.

You guys were all correct that the quit DOES get easier, but it's very upsetting and a bit of a setback to struggle with breathing at this point. Thanks again for your support you awesome quitters .