Day 4 - Enough with the Cravings Already!

Blog Post created by Kejo on Nov 16, 2018

What's up with the cravings getting "all up in my business" on Day 4? Might be because it snowed hard enough to be a "plowable event." When it snows, I get to work from home. I used to love work-from-home days, because I could just run outside and smoke all day. I'd even take my laptop outside so I could work and smoke simultaneously. 


I did notice a couple of really nice things yesterday:

  • I noticed that my car didn't smell like an ashtray when I got in it to drive to work. Someone (somewhere on here) suggested cleaning out your car to get rid of the smell/triggers. I have a few big bottles of water in there, along with some boxes of Altoids. Driving my 45-minute commute was difficult. The highest cravings I've experienced, but I felt great when I walked into work
  • My smoking friend came in after our regular smoke-time in the afternoon, and I could smell her. That's the first time I ever realized that we smelled like smoke when we came inside!
  • The weather was nasty last night - and I would have typically gone outside to brave the elements and smoke. Instead, I stayed all nice and cozy.