Well..... THIS is shocking!

Blog Post created by Kdot1st on Apr 10, 2020

Ok, I know.... I'm the one that's complained this whole month about being miserable & angry about my quit.

Nearly every minute of every day had been spent thinking about smoking. And lasting way more than 10 minutes at a time. 

I was regretting every second except when I was asleep. 

Then 3 days ago, at the end of the day, I remembered I'd forgotten to change my patch that morning. It was itching so I took it off. 

The next day I also forgot & didn't notice until 4 pm, briefly. Figured it's too late to put one on now. Only had a couple brief cravings.

Yesterday I thought about my patches at like 10 am but only because I saw the box. Decided I'll put off using a patch until I'm having a craving. 

Shockingly, I never had a big craving. I'm thinking... but I have 1 left in Step 2 & a whole box of Step 3 patches left. And I'm only 37 days in. 

So here I am... apologizing for being a whiner. Not my typical reaction so I'm sorry

I do have my cheese though.

Have a great Friday safe at home.