Day 4 Part 2

Blog Post created by Kdot1st on Mar 7, 2020

Last day of part 2's. I've made it back to where I slipped. It seemed easier this time than the 1st time I took 4 puffs on the 5th day. Not sure what the difference is.  I guess I'm getting more used to not going for a cigarette.

I'm still snacking too much but have mostly been eating grapes so i think it's not as bad as the candy.

I'm still a bit angry though. I really enjoyed smoking. 

Horizontal running is going well. I can go twice as long as when I began. At 1st could only do like 30 seconds. Still only about 2 minutes at a time but several times a day. 

Sometimes I stop & think I haven't even had the thought I want a cigarette & it doesn't even make me think I want a cigarette. 

So, all in all, I think I'm making progress. 

Mostly due to you all. I'm very grateful.