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Blog Post created by Kathy2529 on Jun 27, 2019

Hi my name is Kathy.

  I thought i was the only one that had these feelings about quiting smoking.  I have changed my quit date twice.  Know I'm to afraid to pick another date i dont want to be disappointed again.  And the stress i feeling for the next few days after my quit day as passed. I smoke three times the amount for several days after.  Trying to figure out why i keep doing this.  And no answer has come to me yet.  Didnt pick a quit date yet.  Any idea what is going on.  I have smoke for 34 years and i really need to quit for myself.  Severe health problems   also been though chemotherapy not due to cancer but Lupus (sle)  I have been having severe bone pain (severe to the point i can hardly bare my own weight)  most night I'm up all night due to pain.  I have pain meds they dont work that well and i have tried them all.  I thought maybe quiting smoking would help.  Any idea and help i would greatly appreciate. Thank you.