We Can’t Treat Cancer in 30 Days. Why Do We Think Treating Addiction is Any Different?

Blog Post created by Karine on Apr 15, 2019

So I am over here on this website now ....reading about brain maps and emotional sobriety .


We Can't Treat Cancer in 30 Days. Why Do We Think Treating Addiction is Any Different? - BreakingTheCycles.com 


I at one point in time thought i was an emotional drunk .  I am sober or so I thought until my reading of blogs here lead me to the breakingthecycles.com website.  I am still an emotional drunk  and a selfish addict.  Nicotine was my most precious of addictions but there have been others . I "beat" them but I give credit to my precious  ciggies because I still had cigarettes no matter what else I gave up .  Alcohol drugs chocolate shopping you name it. I truly believe at this point in time that because of  the way our brains are wired,  some of us are more susceptible to addiction . And because of that ( I being one of those people ) I need to we need to be kind to ourselves and not think of ourselves as weak. I get into that whole beat my self up mentality  which could be another bad toxic habit who knows. 


Anyway  I could master it all but I still had my precious cigs.  I no longer wish to be addicted to anything . I crave balance in my life and I crave LIFE!  So at day 24 why do I think and I do think I should be stronger than this .  i should be over it . Aren't there people who just stopped and went on with it ?  I want to be them. Why can't I ?  Because see above?

I am not going to smoke . I won't smoke .  But you know I know most recovery programs last for 30 days.  We have heard new habits are learned in 3 weeks right ?  Maybe i am just frustrated and impatient not maybe I am that . 


Being here helps me a lot it helps me to vent which in turn actually empowers my quit.  I know I am whining like a drug addict would ...now wouldn't they .  Yes the addicted brain is still there which is why I feel this  paralysis in my life , which is why am don't feel the forward momentum . 


WAAAAH whine sniff sniff  lol  that is my emotional drunk I suppose the one who likes to wallow . So i need to read up on recovering my emotions .  


My reading here today was eye opening brought me to a whole new level of understanding of  this addiction.


I am grateful to all of you here who post and comment and blog .   You are all priceless and my new precious thing .


NOPE and SNOT happening today