Day 8 Constant Craving

Blog Post created by Karine on Mar 30, 2019

That is what is going on today. Constant Cravings   I quit last Saturday which was 10 days before my quit date of April 1st.  I was actually down to 1/2 a cigarette a day and then I ran out of cigarettes. So I decided that was it  I was not buying anymore cigarettes Plus I have been working towards this particular quit since December 2018.  So I finally did it. Something in previous quit attempts I had never done because I never got past the one or two cigarettes a day . I remember that all I could think about was having that one or two cigarettes and then just thinking what the heck I can't quit. 


I am excited about being here on Day 8 and not smoking which is how it will be not smoking because I can't imagine going back to smoking since it was so difficult for me to get here. Maybe the cravings are stronger because I am home and that is where I would smoke.  I had cut out bringing me cigarettes with me to work or anywhere else . They stayed at home and wow this was just something that took place in past three or so months. It amazes at how powerful this beast of an addiction is . Its almost like that part of my brain was like okay this is all you are giving me so I will take it and be okay with it . I guess now that I took this time and place away from  the addiction. It is extremely upset with me.  I am having a headache as I write this .  And as I am breathing it feels as if I am smoking which I am not but it still feels that way and even tastes that way . This sensation has been happening frequently as well in the past few days.  And now I want to cry . Which is ok no biggie . If i need to I will cry . 


I am on Chantix ..its my second round of chantix since December .   I began the chantix again 4 weeks or so ago . 

First round on Chantix  I got to those two cigarettes a day and then thought the chantix was making me tired so I cut back and I was still "okay" with my two cigarettes.  But I was still feeling tired and I stopped the Chantix and then I was back to  5-7 cigarettes a day on my way to the ten a day I had been smoking for the past two years .  Two years ago I cut my smoking in half simply by not smoking in my apartment.( that was in Florida I moved one year ago long story short where I live now I broke my not smoking in my home rule and now that's a danger zone lol well that's what I was calling it anyway). 


Thats when I realized I needed all the help I could get to quit completely . So I was able to get a coach/counselor . She has been a godsend to me . I meet with her once a week.  This is different than the coaching call because with the coaching call its always a different person and why am I holding my breath  right now? 



When do these cravings go away?  Since I cut down on nicotine , weaned myself down to 1/2 a cig a day was I  going through nicotine withdrawal already ?  If nicotine is out of your system in three days then I should be done with that part right?  So am I tired still because of the chantix?  Or is it because I smoked for 40 years  Or is because I work two jobs??? I dunno js maybe that is why lol