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Blog Post created by Kaila2 on Jun 16, 2017

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   Well, I had a small relapse. My grandfather pasted a way and my sister has been showing her ass. After the funeral, everyone went to my grandparents house to eat dinner together as a family. Everything was fine, we all started to leave and my sister sent me over the edge. I was so angry. this moment was not about her, it was about papaw, how dare her. I love God and I try really hard to live a Christian life, but im going to be honest with you guys. I lost it. I went and smoked five cigarettes and got really drunk. I have repeated and made peace with God about it, but boy did I feel guilty the next morning. I don't know why, I just snapped.

   See, a week before papaw died, I posted a pic on facebook requesting prayer for papaw cause he wasn't doing good. The picture was of when my grandparents reunited their marriage vows, and my two sisters were on one side of them and I was on the other side. And my sister made a big deal, saying not to post anything without her permission any more and how could I post that picture, because it made her look fat. I lost it! Its the only picture I had of him smiling so big and you could tell he was so happy. How could she be so self absorb to make this about her. Because of all this drama, she blocked me from facebook, textes and phone calls.

   Then the day of the funeral I find out that she started a family group chat without me. But anyway Im still counting my quit date as March because I didn't go back to it. It did not become apart of my lifestyle again. I fell, messed up, but got right back on the horse. I have continued to be a nonsmoker since it happened. #PleaseDontJudgeMe