So Far, So Good. Feelin' Strong!

Blog Post created by Kaila2 on May 1, 2017

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Welp, today makes 58 days smoke free. I never thought I could get this far and be so comfortable with it. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle. This past week as been very stressful. My grandfather has been in ICU/heart problems, my dad has been showing his butt a little more than normal because of grandpa's situation, My hubby and I had a stomach bug for 3 days and I worked 46 hours. Which I know 46 is not a lot of hours, but it is when your sick and stressed and just wanna stay in bed and forget the world. And through all the craziness, I didn't brake. I didn't smoke. At one point, I told my sister I was be tempted because of everything going on. And she reminded me that smoking is why Papaw is in ICU.


It's so scary to think how one addiction and effect so many different areas of your life. (Stress, Money, Health, Social Groups, Church and much more) And what's more scary is still being tempted to return to it's chains, after you've been freed. Who does that! What's wrong with me? After being freed, I long for the chains that held me.


 Anyway, I just grateful. Grateful for God's help, grateful for family and friends who stand by me, grateful for being humble because I know I could brake if I'm not really really careful. Grateful for the grace that God has given me in this.


Peace and Much Love Sent to You All.