Re: Loss of Luke Perry

Blog Post created by KMC56 on Mar 6, 2019

This truly is sad to hear of the passing of someone so young, sad for any one who experiences a vascular stroke.   My prayers are with his loved ones.

As stroke survivor, I still have no concept of how truly blessed I am to have been treated so quickly ( hubs had his chance!) , the only trace of my stroke is the scare on my neck. My vascular surgeon did confirm and stated that vascular strokes are 100 thousand percent the cause.  I had been smoke free for almost 2 years, been living a stressed out life with caring for my mom, husband working out of state..the list goes on and on.  And that is the life most of us are living.  I too have a type A personality..but stress did not cause my stroke, nor did it contribute to it.

PSA from the likes of TMZ...need to inform folks that smoking was indeed a factor of his short life.

So if EVER..I have a little craving, or EVEN think I'm missing out in life by not smoking, I just place my fingers on the left side of my neck....and thank God for my life.  With that said...I still seek the purpose of my life here on earth, and hope it is fulfilled by following His direction.


~Kathy 1040 DOF