Blog Post created by KMC56 on Aug 25, 2018

Has anyone else experienced the need to have 'things on the to do list' completed before the end of your day.  I'm working on many's estate, teaching, my own business and my own home.  Thinking I'm setting unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  Not meeting them makes me more anxious than I remember.  It might be that now I'm no longer a smoker issue since I feel ther need to fill 'that's time productivity. It's been over two years, and wouldn't change this wonderful freedom for the tea in China!

At any rate, after a day of a stressful unexpected series of legal events..of course on a Friday...I had to put everything on the back burner for the full day...and be ready for a promised to be there event.  

It's now about 4pm...been up since 6am..non stop get 'er done projects..and I'm DONE..totally exhausted..

I need a personal assistant!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!