Santa Has Until Monday....

Blog Post created by KMC56 on Dec 23, 2017

It's not a secret that my Sig Other loves gagets and gizmos, must be the engineer in is blood.  He disclosed that this is NOT a Christmas gift.  Just something to make my life easier!  I hope none of the cats has a hairball attact or...worse while its in operation!

He should know after 40+ years, I like to vacuum, iron and wash dishes.  Its my zen thing!!!

....So I hope he remembers I asked Santa for something in a bottle...that spritzes!

Too funny to smoke about it.  So back to the final touches of prepping for Christmas dinner!  My time line is DONE by 8pm tonight, then do absolutely nothing tomorrow! Our annual thing on Christmas Eve is to hang at the mall with a Tim Hortons...with a little something extra in it...and watch ALL the last minute shoppers...and maybe get a chance to play secret Santa with somebody!

Enjoy a Merry Christmas and all the prepping, wrapping, and crowds at the stores!  Were soo blessed to have such 'problems`!  

And the least of our problems is being smoke free!

~Kathy 609 D.O.F.