Blog Post created by KMC56 on Dec 11, 2017

Every year we manage to get family and friends to hop on our little towns party bus,  go to a hockey game, and the best holiday transformed bar in the world, the Brass Rail, shoulder to shoulder grab the first tabe that is being vacated, like you were playing musical chairs!

Just when you think any one you knew in your hometown life fell off the face of the earth, someone manages to resurface this time of year!  This year, everything seemed to roll in on one weekend!  Not many of us smoke any longer, but still a few, and it is just so liberating not to excuse yourself to take a break, knowing you may 'miss' something.  Added bonus, our adukt children decided to join the festivities, which is rare with all their schedules not synching.  Here's to my dear sweet husbands mom, whom i loved dearly, and miss her at this annual event...CHEERS!

It took me until today, to have enough time to post!

Here's a couple of pics of the most festive Christmas bar in the world, my opinion, that serve the best Tom and Jerrys!

Merry Christmas to my wonderful Ex friends!