Two, Three, Four...

Blog Post created by KMC56 on Nov 24, 2017

This is all on Daniela!  

All I wanted for this long weekend is to have the bedroom painted...not a big secret.  WE picked out the colors.  

For some odd reason...a chore that should have been done in the discussed, became a priority today!! The patio door wheels have been dragging since spring.  I special ordered the parts...IN THE SPRING!!! 

Since the November gale winds weren't wisteling... and i guess waited after the anniversary of the Edmond Fitzgerald anniversary, I was a good day..  Well here comes the complications..I ordered the right parts...but because of the age...there is some sort of part that protects the wheels from weather...worn completely out.  Nice...that means a 45 min trek each way...only to find the store is closed!

Now we go to the store to purchase the paint that I selected weeks ago...

It's now 3pm...just getting started to paint...which will only give me 3 hours, before I have to make dinner...

This IS one of my triggers...I'm a planner...I like continuity.  Pretty simple and straight forward. 

Shoot...even my daily to do list is always on the case anyone feels the need to pitch in ..some of the to do's I can't manage, and they never manage to get crossed off...just roll onto the following week!

My turn to up pop the cork at he the end of this day...hopefully in a new painted room!

Guys...what manuel did you read before becoming a husband???  LOL

Clink again Daniela-3-11-2016, and to my sistas having the same frustrating day!